Makes the world go 'round

Music might be the best natural healer of all. Sure, so is conversation, friendship and physical intimacy, but there is a tune for every occasion, emotion and need; and it is available to us all the time. Thanks to new technology we carry around music in our pockets 24/7 and few are those who don't pay for streaming services such as Spotify. We have that natural mood fixer readily available while going to work, while training and while waiting for our turn at the bank.

When discussing music nothing beats listening to your favorite band or artist live, together with thousands of other fans. Becoming one with the crowd while singing along to your favorite tunes is an amazing and empowering feeling.

This blog is about music in a very wide and general perspective, there's no line between genres or preferences, we just love music and acknowledge its importance to our well-being. 

A word about soundtracks

16 Nov 2019


Apart from songs by artists and bands, one important form of music these days is the soundtrack, which can be a piece of “recorded music accompanying and synchronized to the images of a motion picture, book, television program, or video game” (Wikipedia). Some of the most inspiring music these days come from soundtracks to movies or video games – one may mention The Gladiator soundtrack of the 2000 film, or the inspiring soundtrack of the Narnia movies.

Game soundtracks

The sound track is also an important element of any video game, as it enhances the experience through the atmosphere it seeks to convey. I can particularly recall the soundtrack to the Tomb Raider series – how it starts out as a slow, calm tune, only to get more poignant as the character suddenly finds herself face to face with an enemy or predator – I remember it used to cause my heart to skip a beat!

For this reason, game manufacturers always seek to develop an original soundtrack to their games, whether it’s a video game or even a simple slot game. All online slots these days have their own soundtrack. Some can get repetitive, which is why you also have the option to mute it. However, if the developer does a good job with it, a soundtrack can really amp up the excitement, and we simply love to play casino games with cool music playing in the background. Check out a few online casino games for yourself, and you’ll know exactly what we mean!